Tortillerías that use nixtamal (EPTX area)

Here it is, friends! The list I have been promising for some time: tortillerías in the El Paso area (U.S. side for now) that use fresh nixtamal to make their tortillas.

This is a working list, so please feel free to message me with any leads or updates via Facebook or IG.


How did I arrive at these eight? I called all 22 tortillerías in the region to ask if they make their tortillas with nixtamal or Maseca. These eight said nixtamal. I haven’t yet visited each one to verify, but don’t see any reason they would lie.

In addition to these eight, three others reported using nixtamal only for their tamal masa (but use Maseca for tortillas) and one reported using a mix of nixtamal and Maseca for their tortillas. I didn’t include them in this list to avoid confusion but am happy to share their names if you’d find it helpful!

Be sure to support these local businesses keeping alive an ancestral tradition!

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