Tradiciones Sanas

Ancestral Approaches to Health and Wellness

Madre Sabia Childbirth Education

Childbirth is a transformative and extraordinary experience. Madre Sabia Childbirth Education workshops prepare expecting mothers and their birthing partners for this rite of passage.

The series is grounded in both modern science and traditional birthing information, providing valuable, practical information for all expecting mothers while creating a safe space to explore hopes, expectations, and fears regarding childbirth.

Madre Sabia workshops provide valuable, respectful guidance and resources for all women and birthing circumstances, including home births and hospital births.

Founded and led by Sandra Iturbe, Certified Professional Midwife, with guest co-instructors including Registered Yoga Teacher Rubi Orozco Santos (Meditation, Prenatal Yoga), Hypnobirthing Coach Lizette Vazquez (Hypnobirthing), and Claudia Paola (Massage).

Stay tuned for new dates or contact madresabiacbe[at]gmail[dot]com for more information.


Madre Sabia


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