Tradiciones Sanas

Ancestral Approaches to Health and Wellness

Health Education Services

Nutrition & Traditional Foods Workshops

Nutrition and traditional foods workshops, cooking demonstrations, and complete curricula can be an invaluable addition to:

  • Non-profit organizations working with health and food systems
  • Schools
  • Train-the-trainer programs

Nutrition Workshops are focused on practical information community members can utilize when making food choices, and include topics such as: reading food labels, lactose-free eating, making easy snacks, working with food allergies, and media literacy.

Traditional Foods Workshops are based on the traditional Mesoamerican diet. Traditional foods are an offering whose virtues serve as medicine to heal the modern crisis in public health nutrition and ensure improved health for future generations. Topics include food history, culture, and nutritional benefits of traditional ingredients.

Partial List of Past Clients

I have had the privilege of collaborating with the following organizations, planning and instituting health education programs from curriculum design to implementation and evaluation:

Project Vida Health Center º La Semilla Food Center  º La Mujer Obrera º  Ysleta Independent School District º El Paso First Health Plans

I have conducted educational workshops and cooking demonstrations for:

Telemundo El Paso º El Paso Artist and Farmers Market º Ardovino’s Farmers Market º Madre Sabia Childbirth Education


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